I am a cultural geographer with an interest in rural-urban links, social sustainability, and transnational economic networks. I am an Assistant Professor in the Environment and Sustainability Program and supervise graduate students at the Environmental Policy Institute, both at Grenfell Campus, Memorial University.

My work considers how national policies interact with the social and cultural texture of communities. I often use public space as an analytic lens and ask questions about how plazas, sidewalks, and parks are used, and how these uses intersect with broader debates about governance, the expression of diverse identities, and the right to participate in civic life. I am involved with ACE-Space at Memorial University, a research network focused on economic, social, and built issues related to small- and medium-sized cities. With colleagues at PhiLab I am also doing research on philanthropic activity, and the circuits of ideas and capital between urban and rural locations. I also value the dialogues created through university-community networks, and have collaborated with researchers, community partners, and practitioners on a recent symposium on coastal climate change adaptation in Gros Morne, Newfoundland.

My CV is available here.